Poppy Dress in Gemstone Colors


Poppy Dress in Gemstone Colors


Feel the subtle magic of gemstones in the new version of Vivid Element’s Poppy Dress. This popular style is now available sleeveless in mixed Gemstone colors. The comfy Poppy Dress is thoughtfully created like a painting in fabric. Layers of rich hand dyed color are complemented by black torso fabric and trim with vibrant hem stitching. This dress is not only flattering but fun and easy to wear.

The Poppy Dress is so versatile and comfortable that you can wear it to parties, to work, or pack it for your vacation. It also makes a thoughtful gift!

Hemp and cotton blend. Wash in cold and hang to dry.

Size Chart

  • X-SMALL (4) Bust 33” Waist 27” Hips 34”

  • SMALL (6-8) Bust 34" Waist 28-29" Hips 35-36"

  • MEDIUM (10-12) Bust 36-37" Waist 30-31" Hips 38-39 1/2"

  • LARGE (14-16) Bust 39" Waist 33-34" Hips 41-42"

  • X-LARGE (18) Bust 42" Waist 36-37" Hips 44"

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