Rita Hudson-Evalt


Portland's Rita Hudson-Evalt of Hubris Apparel offers elegant clothes that flatter nearly any shape.

Sassafras: What's your background and how did you get started with sewing and fashion design?

Rita:Well my dad is an artist, so art and design, and DIYing was always encouraged when I was growing up. I kinda just started doing it. I made clothes and hand bags for myself in high school, just for fun, and then got requests for more. So I made them, got paid, and thought it was awesome! I went to art school, studied apparel design, and all that jazz. In school I was told that I could never be a designer because I was fat. I was also told that designers don't need to know how to sew, just how to draw. Really, weren't we just all going to get jobs at Nike? I ignored what those people said because their attitudes were wrong, and they were said to discourage me from doing what made me happy. I took a chance - worked a lot of part-time jobs, so I didn't have to go corporate, and had enough time to start my business. It happened really slowly. And now I get to make beautiful things full time!

Sassafras: How would you describe your clothing line to someone who hasn't seen it?

Rita: Really comfy, day into night dresses that make you look and feel beautiful, and put together without a lot of hassle.

Sassafras: Your designs are flattering to almost any body type. Is this intentional?

Rita: Totally! I want every woman to try on a Hubris Apparel dress, and feel empowered to take on the world when they look in the mirror.

Sassafras: What's your favorite color?

Rita: I can't say that I have an all-time favorite color. Right now I'm really into turquoise, and raspberry. Raspberries are also my favorite berry.

Sassafras: Are you a Northwest native? Your designs seem to reflect the comfort-seeing style of the Pacific Northwest AND everyday elegance.

Rita: Pretty much! My family and I moved to a tiny town in Oregon when I was 10, so that's most of what I remember growing up. I used to love hanging out at my friends' farms - riding horses, catching frogs. I also refused to wear anything but dresses until I was 12; but that didn't stop me from anything; so I always went back home really dirty!! Now I really to make dresses that can be worn in many different situations, but are ALWAYS comfortable and flattering. We all have enough physical and emotional struggles throughout the day, and the last thing I want is to add to that.

Sassafras: What types of fabrics do you prefer to use?

Rita: I Love Knits! I've been incorporating some organic cotton, soy, and bamboo into my line. They drape beautifully, feel sexy, and flatter every size and shape.

Sassafras: What's your favorite outfit to wear out on the town?

Rita: I love the Kassandra dress from my Fall '13 line. It has a defined waistline, cool asymmetrical neckline, but still covers my bra!

Sassafras: When you're not making beautiful clothes, how do you like to spend your time?

Rita: I'm a homebody. I like to relax, pet my cats, laugh at the Internet, and drink with friends. I wish I could say that I travel or go dancing, but day to day owning a business is really enough excitement for me.

Sassafras: Thanks, Rita!