Kim McCormick

Designer Kim McCormick talks about her line and her inspirations.

Sassafras: How do you describe Kimmi Designs?

Kim: Romantically eclectic, eco-friendly styles with a focus on special-occasion wear.

Sassafras: Who are some of your favorite desginers who have influenced you?

Kim: Norma Kamali, Elsa Shciaparelli, and Alexander McQueen.

Sassafras: Your fabrics are gorgeous. Where do you find them?

Kim: I find them well, everywhere. I focus on eco-conscious fashion, and I use recycled fabrics and laces. Sometimes, I hand-dye the lace if clients want a special color. Some of my clients come to me with lace and other fabric that's been in their families for decades, and they want to create something modern out of it.

Sassafras: How did you start focusing on bridal designs?

Kim: I've been creating unique designs as long as I can remember knowing how to sew. Through high school and college, I loved designing new looks and made some of my own clothing. I created casual skirts and dresses out of recycled fabrics, including lots of lace and sweater knits. I started focusing on bridal after I had several requests from friends to make their dresses, and I loved it, so I've stuck with it.

Sassafras: Do you have any items for sale off the shelf, or is everything custom made?

Kim: Most items are one of a kind. It's very difficult to find enough of a special fabric to make more than one dress. I do have items that are off the shelf in addition to custom orders, and those can also be customized at the client's request.