Angelica Gehm from Glam Cloud

Sassafras: Tell us a little bit about your line of clothing, Glam Cloud. What types of garments are you making? Angel: When I design and choose fabrics, I'm always drawn to styles that stand out and feel comfortable, which might be an oxymoron, but I design the way I want to feel event on, perhaps, especially on, a bad day. I think the right garment can be like armor.

Sassafras: Your clothes are fun and elegant at the same time. Who is the woman who wears your styles/ Where is she going?

Angel: The woman who wears my designs is one who is looking for more than just something to put on her body. She tells a story about herself in everything she does. People notice her because she's unique and confident in who she is.

Sassafras: How long have you been in fashion design, and how did you get started?

Angel: I started sewing when I was 20. I wanted to make all the things in my imagination, so I went to fashion school here in Seattle. I wanted to work in theatrical costuming but I discovered indie fashion and I've been learning and creating ever since.

Sassafras: Who are the people who have inspired you the most in continuing with your passion?

Angel: Anna Banana from the Pretty Parlor for sure. She's been encouraging and inspiring me for years. All the great shop owners who are so dedicated to bringing unique and quality wearable art to an industry that seems a little soul-less at times. The great women who commission special orders are so inspiring. I like to listen to how people want to feel and look. It would be great to create a garment for someone from inspiration photos they put together.

Sassafras: What are our objectives when designing a new garment?

Angel: I want to design clothes that flatter a variety of shapes. I want my dresses to be conversation starters. I look for fabrics that speak to me and feel soft; they have to be comfy.

Sassafras: How long have you been in the Pacific Northwest, and what keep you here?

Angel: I've been here for 11 years. It's beautiful here and I've made some wonderful friends. I think Seattle is comforting and challenging at the same time. It's a great place to grow as an individual.

Sassafras: When you think about your future in garment design and construction, where do you want to go?

Angel: I would like to start doing size runs of my pieces. People often find something they love not in their size. I've been making knit pieces for years. The raglan with pockets is a favorite that I'm bringing back this year. It's so comfortable and flattering.

Sassafras: The fashion industry can be challenging. What do you see in the future for the fashion scene in Seattle?

Angel: Honestly, I wish the fashion industry would stop telling people how to dress and start listening. I guess I'd like to see a fashion revolution. People taking back their bodies as a canvas and creating a look that suites them.

Sassafras: I love it! Thanks, Angel! We're very excited to feature your garments in the shop!